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Welcome to the Home Page of
"The Tree":  Since March 2001, an Independent Intercultural Crossroads On Line
for Communication, Knowledge, Pluralism, Reconciliation, Transformation, and Peace
beginning in Regional Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC
and Home to -

  • Open direct posting to a mailing list readership of over 3,300 regional activists, advocates, journalists, electees, and other leaders (Updates in process)
  • Indirect posting, through others' groups and through Nextdoor.Com, to up to ca. 50,000 people
  • The Daylight page of over 1,100 "Good News" links and stories
  • The formerly seasonal, now all-year Charities for Children page for 2021
  • The World Press Links page (Updates in process); and to
  • The Apples 'n Oranges Intercultural Cafe.

The Cafe is due for reconstruction in the winter of 2021.  We welcome you to visit and explore this archive, this directory, of major transforming events, their organizations, and their people gathered since November 2008.  It's a good survey of the abundance available to us as we gather to help create "the History of the Future."

Details?  Links?  Click Here to visit the archived Cafe.
No reservations or ID required; open 24 hours.
"Under the circumstances, formal dress is to be optional. . ."


"For the History of the Future":
Introduction and Welcome

      WELCOME to Geotrees.Com, sometimes referred to as "the Tree."  Use this home page to learn about Geotrees' vision and mission, the web pages and message groups it offers, and how to use those pages and groups.

      Geotrees.Com is a virtual organization, or VO, created in the spring of 2001 to help people and organizations across the national capital region collect and freely share their civilization-building "news, notes and knowledge" in all areas of human endeavor.   It provides access to web pages and e-mail message groups, as well as holding occasional public activities of its own.   Our purpose is to help build bridges across the various divides of the human experience - including, importantly, the divides between you and what you'd like others to know, and those others themselves.

Founding Perception and Vision
      The seed that was to grow into "the Tree" first took root in the mid-1990s, beginning with a single fundamental perception:

      Most of us, including many Americans, need to know more than we do
      about each others' histories, cultures, traditions and ways
      if we are to live together in respect, abundance, security, liberty and peace
      in the complex times at hand, and into the future.

      In March 2001, Geotrees was created to help meet that need.

      In the years that followed, we've developed a line of inquiry around four basic questions.   If we want a certain kind of future, what, specifically, are the causes and conditions needed to make it possible?   What can we actually do, beginning now, to help create it?   Conversely - how does our present situation reflect our choices, decisions and deeds of the past?   And what kind of future can we reasonably expect if we do not act to change our ways?

With such questions in mind, Geotrees' vision and supporting conditions have grown organically:

Geotrees envisions, values, and commits to
a secure world of abundance, justice, equality, freedom, and peace.

  1. To take birth and grow, such a world requires certain causes and conditions, which we will create skillfully at all levels of the human family, individual and shared.

  2. They include knowledge, understanding, pluralism, cooperation, reconciliation, and informed action.

  3. To create these conditions, we'll need to apply certain tools and practices, personal and social: respectful and rational communication, local and grassroots activity, inquiry, discernment, accuracy, clarity, and hard work.

  4. Intentionality is crucial.  We need to bring sustained vision and principle, purpose, commitment, will, and effort to bear at all times.

  5. We need to exert intellectual and moral character - integrity, empathy, authenticity, reflection and self-knowledge, courage, and imagination.

  6. The resources and working materials for this process are all around us:  The arts, diplomacy, cultural life, youth leadership formation, journalism, travel, learning, education, religion and spirit, history, economics, statecraft, and similar activities - in fact, most areas of human activity - can be drawn on and engaged creatively to nourish this process, these goals.

  7. Geotrees' role is to be a crossroads, a catalyst, for sharing the unparalleled bounty of knowledge and activity, of curiosity and passion and imagination, from around the world and across the sweep of history that the Washington, DC region and its many peoples provide.

      We're committed to the transmission of fact-based historical, intercultural, and historical news, analysis and knowledge throughout the national capital region.   We place a wide and growing wealth of activities, events, and resources within your reach.   We enable people and organizations to reach out and connect across the national, ethnic, generational, faith, economic, and other boundaries that so often divide humankind.   And we recognize these connections as preconditions for understanding, unity, and peace.

      Geotrees is completely independent, nonpartisan, inclusive, noncommercial, self-financed, and volunteer.   While we focus on people and activities in the Maryland/Virginia/Washington, DC area, we also welcome those in the larger world who have a stake in international learning, cultural activity, and understanding.   We extend a special welcome to educators, and to our young people.

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Our Core Values and Mission

Geotrees' core values and mission are organically intertwined, so we describe them together:

  1. To gather, organize and share "News, Notes and Knowledge" of one anothers' cultures and histories in behalf of understanding, transformation, and peace

  2. To offer information and commentary that help grow community, culture and civilization

  3. To help build bridges across the divides of the human experience

  4. To cultivate the principles and practice of compassion, nonviolence and consistent life ethics in all aspects of the human adventure

  5. To defend and to foster respect, protection, stewardship and nurturing of the environment, of the earth, and of the life on the earth, including human life in all of its conditions, circumstances, and seasons

  6. To further civility, cooperation, justice, abundance, reconciliation, and unity within the entire human family

  7. And in general, to Boldly Go Forward "for the History of the Future."

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Contacting Geotrees

Send your comments, suggestions or questions to:

As of Spring 2021, the guidelines for posting to the e-mail groups are
Under Construction

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"To Build a School is to Build a Civilization..."

Dedicated, with great respect and great love, to the vision, the work and the legacy
of St. Joseph College / International School of Yokohama, Japan
and to the teaching, the lives, and the personal example
of its defenders and loyal faculty.

-   For the History of the Future   -

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